Roy Murphy

Owner/ Apiarist /Educator

Roy is a Registered Beekeeper and has been trained internationally in various fields of beekeeping. To stay abreast of new technology and research, he regularly participates in beekeeping courses to improve his knowledge and skills.

Roy really loves bees and gardening, and incorporates permaculture on our bee haven in Wanerie, north of Perth. He has an extensive apiary at the facility and intends to share his knowledge and skills with budding apiarists in the future.

Roy is passionate about educating people from all walks of life across schools, the community and government sectors about the importance of bees. He believes to ensure the protection of bees going forward, we need to educate children about their importance.

He regularly presents to students ranging from kindergarten to secondary school students, complementing the STEM investigations and programs teachers are introducing to their classes. In addition, he provides a real-world application to enable educators to meet the requirements of the WA science curriculum of Science Understanding, Science as a Human Endeavour and Science Inquiry skills.

Bee Love

When Roy is not attending to his own apiary yard, he is vigorously applying his dedication and knowledge into saving as many bee swarms throughout Perth. This is something that he believes is a critical factor in today’s ever-changing environment due to urban industrialisation causing loss of bee habitat.

Leanne Murphy

Owner/ Sales and Accounts

As Sticky Prick Bee Haven is a family-owned business, Leanne multi-tasks between her role at the company and her role as mother to two adult daughters as well as looking after a busy home life. She manages what happens behind the scenes and processes all the sales of honey, educational program bookings and looks after the business’s financials. You will also often see Leanne making those important deliveries of honey and products to our loyal customers through Perth.

What the media says

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