We’re proud to offer the Much loved Redgum honey also known as the Marri honey. Well regarded as a top of the range honey , up there with the much loved Jarrah honey. Sticky Prick Bee Haven Red Gum honey has a deep amber colour with a rich smooth tantalising caramelized toffee flavour. it has a mild taste but a thicker consistency packed full of Healthy natural  Antioxidants and Enzymes

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Red Gum honey is an Australian active healing honey. It is produced by the bees visiting the delicate, creamy white flowers of the Eucalyptus Corymbia calophylla tree (also known as the Marri Tree) that is native to many parts of Western Australia. The tree is common and it’s used as a timber tree it is widespread throughout W.A. The Red Gum honey is a valuable, prize asset honey known for its health Benefits ,The Red Gum tree flowers every year but only from February to the end of March, sometimes the beginning of April. , producing white to pink flowers.During flowering, if the flowers are abundant, they produce a lot of pollen and Nectar, which is great news for local bees. It keeps them and their broods thriving and also allows them to store pollen for when it becomes scarcer.But a good flowering season is good news for us humans too, as Red Gum honey has many health benefits full of healthy Enzymes

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