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SPBH Honey For Your Home

SPBH Honey For Your Home

Sticky Prick Bee Haven

Sticky Prick Bee Haven was formed from the love of the land and nature. Coming from a farming background, we understand how important bees are to the environment and how a drop in bee population has affected other parts of the world. We have seen the need to make what we call back to basics produce, raw honey in its natural form. Our mission is to bring this natural, farm-produced pure raw cold extracted honey to the people of Perth, so everyone can enjoy it together.

Real Honey

  • Made by Bees
  • Honey Aroma
  • Contains Wax, Pollen and Propolis
  • No Sugar Added
  • Naturally Crystallizes
  • Healthy

Real OR Fake


Fake Honey

  • Not Healthy
  • Does Not Crystallize
  • No Smell or has a Sour Smell
  • Contains Cane, Beet or Corn Sugars
  • Contains NO Wax, Pollen or Propolis
  • Factory Made
  • Has been pasteurized heated to high temperature

What we do



Sticky Prick Bee Haven would like to help the younger generation by offering a unique introduction to the amazing world of bees by giving your children or students a meaningful experience they won’t forget. Watch your students step into the shoes of a real-life local beekeeper, who shares his genuine passion for fascinating insects in an interactive and informative session.

With a focus on interactive learning and a hands-on approach to help
students become more engaged and retain more material, ..

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