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                  Breeding Queen Bees and Bees


Breeding Queens and selling bees is our passion we strive on improving genetics and breeding certain traits within our bees and  for beekeepers hobby or commercial . At sticky prick bee haven we are breeding apis mellifera ligustica italian Queens  and performing Artificial Insemination to produce quality queens.


We provide 4 frame nucs that are diseased free, the nuc will consist of 4 frames with honey , brood ,pollen and worker bees with a quality mated Rottnest daughter queen under one year old, this will be packaged in a nuc box $220.00

Queens (mated)

Sticky Prick Bee Haven is working harder than the worker bee, to provide you with quality queens. All Queens are Rottnest queen daughters $50.00, selectively bred for good temperament and good honey producers.

Queens (artificial inseminated)

Coming soon – At sticky prick bee haven we are working on providing Artificial inseminated queens as breeder queens.

About Roy Murphy

Owner/ Apairist .Educator

Roy is a Registered Beekeeper and has been trained internationally in various fields of beekeeping. To stay abreast of new technology and research, he regularly partakes in beekeeping or courses to improve his beekeeping knowledge and skills.