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Bee Swarm removals

We are Perth’s number 1 Bee swarm removal service, servicing the commercial, and residential sector throughout regional and metropolitan Perth.  We do not exterminate these precious bees, we strictly use no chemicals, as we safely rescue the bees which are placed in our own hives and transport them to one of our own quarantined apiary sites so we can monitor their health prior to introducing them to our main apiary sites in Perth.

We don’t call ourselves Pest controllers as we are more like Bee Savior’s.  We take bee removal seriously and ensure these important little pollinators are well looked after. Bees are the link to the environment – without bees there is no us.

We at Sticky Prick Bee Haven provide ongoing services removing and rehoming Honey Bees and the removal of wasps for Local Governments, Real estates, commercial premises and residential properties throughout Perth WA

At Sticky Prick we endeavour never to exterminate our precious Honey Bees but will remove and relocate to our quarantine sites so we can monitor their health prior to introducing them to the main apiary.

Why Should You Choose Us?

As a Registered Bee keeper, I have a passion for these little pollinators and understand the importance they provide to our environment

Sticky Prick Bee Haven is a Family owned business, specialising in all thing’s bee related from Educational programs, Queen and bee breeding, honey supply and bee hive / swarm removal installing bait boxes to capture feral swarms.

Sticky prick bee haven are Perth most experienced bee hive and swarm removal, we have been in business for approx. 6 years in this time we have seen the company reputation grow not only in Perth but also internationally throughout the world. Our business is passionate about saving all bees throughout Perth, and internationally but more importantly within our state, we are very proud to be recognised as a leading expert on swarm removal and have been involved in many aspects of removals

At sticky prick Bee Haven, we use only natural organic deterrents to remove bees in problem situations, but if we find that there may be a risk to the health of people then at the last resort, we will use a chemical product to remove the bees, but this is only the last resort.

How we operate within our company is to provide a professional experience to our clients and representing our client’s best needs, in all aspects of the beekeeping sector

Sticky prick bee haven

Full Insured with Product and Property insurance 20 Million
Is a Registered Business – ABN 93071204329
Has implemented its own WHS specifically for the organisation
Registered Bee Keeper – RM2

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