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Beehive Leasing

You may be thinking of a beehive for your household , lets face it  whole enjoyment about having a beehive is the pollination benefits to the garden, while producing some honey. but you may not know where to start or how to actually start or you may not want the big cost outlay, then find out that this does not fit into your lifestyle or household. Let us guide you through this amazing bee journey. We at sticky prick bee haven provide bee hive leasing.

Providing you have a suitable location to have a bee hive, this is depending on a couple circumstances ,such as for example neighbours or property size or others living in the household may be allergic.

if all the boxes are ticked we will provide on your property , using our hive registration RM2 a live working bee hive with bees in either a langstroth box or flow hive while also providing , bee suit and equipment and Under our control and watchful eye we will provide you training and knowledge to be able to control and alleviate pest and disease while also teaching you how to manage the bees through the Perth weather seasons.

Our Bee Hive Leasing program is a yearly contract, this allows me to actually show you the basics of owning a working bee hive and gives the leaser time to see if beekeeping is the right hobby for there household .

Once the year has finished you have a few choices either decline on having a bee hive for your household or take over the hive you have been leasing which would be the langstroth or flow hive


If this interest you please feel free to complete the forms below so we may contact you on the bee hive leasing terms and conditions.

Client first capped honey from there leasing hive

Bee hive leaser checking his frames frames from his leased brood box.



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Frequently Asked Questions

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While we are leasing the bee hives. do we get any honey from the hives we are leasing?

Yes if the bee hives produce honey you will get a portion of the honey for yourself.

What is the cost and contract information?

if you fill out the forms. i will be able to send you all information about leasing bee hives

if i start the leasing contract , and while i am on the contract things change and need to cancel contract . can i do this?

Yes you can cancel the contract anytime , but the yearly amount will need to be paid out . if you have paid for the yearly up front you will not be refunded . .

Which bee hives should i lease , should i lease the flow hive or the langstroth bee hives?

honestly there is not much difference between the two , the only difference with the flow hive is the flow hive you don’t need an honey extractor the flow has a method that allows you to extract the honey from the hive. With the flow hive beekeeping in maintaining the bees is still the same as having a langstroth bee hive .

I like bees but unsure if i want to get stung?

i wont lie to you there will be a time that you will get stung . Yes you will be wearing a suit but this does not always protect you. Our bees are calm but weather and nectar flow can sometimes change there temperment

i dont like honey but want bees for pollination and to help the environment?

Thats fine you can donate your portion of honey to family or neighbours.

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